Photography Tips

Photography Tips

In the last few weeks I have a few clients come to me wanting help with product photography.

So here is a few good hints and tips to general photography and product photography!

I’ve seen quite a few businesses that invest in great branding for their business which is a wonderful start but really only halfway there. They then forget to spend anything on getting good photography for selling their products or promoting their staff they lack behind in the marketing world with terrible photos and this usually ends up in low sales not good for anyone!

So below is a great video with hints and tips on taking good photos with nothing but an iPhone, it can be done. The tips this girl gives you in the video are great and the lighting rules apply no matter what camera you have. Lighting is everything!

I recently helped a client who lives six hours away from me giving her tips and ideas for her bliss balls. She wanted me to do a great design for her business but it needed a new photo so I gave her the tips to do the job. We googled some ideas for her and then this was the finished product I was so happy for her when she sent me through the photos she did take these on a proper camera as the iphone ones just weren’t working as good. But it really can be done at home saving you money but making sure you are on the mark with enticing the client to buy! 

Below is a photo I took of some food. For this I used two pieces of thick foam board from Officeworks along with my lighting kit and set it all up in a well natural light area as well. You’d never know. 🙂

Below is a shot I took for LOUENHIDE some shoes for them for this we used a paper backdrop bigger than the one in the video but you could easily use smaller pieces to create the same effect for a seamless backdrop! 

Below this photo of the business cards was taken on a simple piece of white A3 paper. 

Below is a photography cheat sheet for you, great tips on how to use those confusing manual settings on your camera!

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Why I’m a photographer..

Why I’m a photographer..

So by now you must know I’m passionate about photography and business branding but you might not know why? What’s the story behind why I actually became a photographer.

Well since I was a kid my Nan actually used to run around with her film camera weather it was her proper one or a cheap ‘ol Kodak disposable and she was always snapping away at this and that, mostly me actually. I remember family members saying ‘Oh not another photo please!’ After that I remember grabbing the camera myself I started snapping around the age of four or five. After that I do also remember really wanting to become a cartoonist, always drawing my own characters and little comics.

35mm Photography BookWhen I was 16 I worked at a restaurant ‘Cactus Jacks’ while there on shift a guy called David used to come in once every two weeks with his colleagues and have dinner over a few months we chatted and got more involved in conversation; he happened to be a photographer based in Sydney. One night he stayed back to show me prints of his recent trip to Cambodia along with the stories of the journey. It really was then when I first became impacted by an image deep inside somewhere that made me want to be able to do the same. The next time he saw me he gave me this book the 35mm Handbook! A good read with great facts if anyone is interested!

After that I moved to live in Melbourne with my Aunt who gave me my first 35mm film camera and off I went snapping around Melbourne at anything that caught my eye, and I suppose as they say the rest is history and here I am now 10 years on with my own business spreading love and captured memories to every client I meet! <3


Here is a snippet of a couple of my first shots.. there pretty good yeah?


Taken at the ripe age of 4.



My first roll of film, Melbourne Collins St. Still one of my favorite shots today.

Melbourne Collins St

A not so great ‘Technically’ night shot of the stars. 2009.


PARIS 2013


Vintage Style Wedding 2015


2016 Engagement Shoot


2016 Brisbane City Photography


So as they say… 10 years of practice makes perfect!

Key points to a great logo

Key points to a great logo

If your familiar with Emepic Graphic Design then you know I am very passionate about logo design and business branding, it’s an essential part to give you that head start to stand out of the crowd. Maintaining this professional image through easy to recognise branding is key to getting the clients calling!

Your logo and other designed stationary should represent you and your business in a way that it can be easily seen as yours and the business you make. First impressions are essential for the success of any business and it’s definitely an investment worth making. 

LogoDesign Brisbane

Key tips to keep in mind when creating a logo with your designer –


Less is most of the time more! A logo that’s got simple lines and isn’t over-crowed allows for quick and easy recognition and allows the logo to be more adaptable and memorable for potential clients.

Graphic Design Brisbane

Nike Logo – Simple Effective and most of all memorable.


Similar to keeping it simple is memorability. To achieve this is to have a simple yet genre/business field appropriate logo. Selective colours that compliment each other can also make or break your brand. Shapes and colours help a person remember you and your brand. 

Graphic Design Brisbane

You don’t need the word McDonalds to know what these golden arches stand for!



It’s hard to say today, that a logo designed now is something that will still look great in 30 years, In saying that though your logo should be adaptable and able to evolve keeping a similar look with a more in trend look. Ask yourself will it still be as effective and look good in 10, 20, 30+ years time?



Your logo should be able to work across a range of mediums and different applications. The logo should be efficient it’s best to make sure when getting a logo designed you will be receiving it vector format, this ensures that it can be scaled to any size you need.

Questions to ask yourself, is a logo still effective if:

Printed in one colour?

Printed on the something the size of a postage stamp?

Printed on something as large as a billboard?

Printed in reverse (ie. light logo on dark background)?

When I am creating a logo I get a brief from the client of what they have in mind for their brand ie: colours, feelings, fonts, inspiration and other ideas. To start off I sketch a few things and then I first design the logo in black and white this allows me to concentrate on the shape and impression of the logo in a simple form to make sure it’s going work with all the reasons I mentioned above. An interesting read about selections of colour and the emotions and sensations it brings out.

Logo Design Graphic Designer Brisbane



Where you place and position a logo should be appropriate for its planned purpose. Who is your target audience and what feelings and emotions would you like to evoke on them?

If your creating a logo for a corporate firm then you wouldn’t use the front Comic Sans because its not professional. Actually in-fact please don’t use Comic Sans EVER, it’s a pet hate of mine.  

It is also important to keep in mind that a logo doesn’t need to show what a business offers or is selling. For example do you know of any large Car manufactures that have a car in their logo? No. A logo is purely for identification and can even entice a client into finding out more about your company. 

I’d love to hear your feedback what do you think creates a good logo, comment below? 

Just remember great branding is an investment worth making! To talk to me your Brisbane based Graphic Designer about working with you to create a brand you will love, contact Emma on or 0437 216 742. 

Personalised USB's

Emepic – Graphic Designer Brisbane


For more reading about logo design and what not to do – 

Why professional logo design does not cost $5.00

How NOT to design a logo. 

Copyright Information and Facts

Copyright Information and Facts

One question I have always had a lot of clients ask me about is Copyright, whether you should register your work or not and basically where you stand and what your rights to the artwork, writing, creation or photos etc.

As recently as last week I had a client come to me with Logo samples, they had paid to be done through a website you go on and choose a ‘designer’/persons profile to create you a logo for you at a negotiated price. These websites make it look like you are going to get a quality logo for a cheap price, and almost sound too good to be true.

Which in this case this is exactly what happened. They proceeded to get the logo done up and paid around the same price I charge for a logo design but without the personal approach of knowing where your logo is coming from. They got the logo seemingly pretty happy with it until they saw the exact same image and exact same font on another logo very similar to their company. Very unhappy they were lucky enough to get their money back after complaining. They then came to my business asking for help to now re-design a new logo completely different to the first one.

I am more than happy to help and glad they have come to a real business like mine! Somewhere they know who is working on their logo and know they’ll end up getting a unique logo and brand that no-one else has and they can proudly promote as their own.

First impressions are essential for the success of any business and it’s definitely an investment worth making. And an investment worth researching who your going to get to design or develop your brand. It’s very important to maintain a professional image through consistent easy to recognise branding. Emepic takes the hassle out of design by providing a complete graphic design service with a professional, unique and friendly approach.

Emepic Graphic Design and Photography is based in Brisbane and services as wide as Central Queensland right down to Melbourne and Bendigo in Victoria. Most design work can be done over phone, skype and emails making the process smooth and hassle free.

Copyright and Logos

Below are some tips for Copyrights and Trade marks >>

I found some really helpful information about this on a blog please check the full article out here –

Below are a few main points I grabbed from the blog article above;

The Difference Between a Copyright and a Trademark is Use

Several types of intellectual property rule the graphics design world. There are differences here that are essential to know for interactions with clients as well as for protecting your ideas and creative work. The two most important IP rights for graphics designers are copyrights and trademarks.

Copyright. A copyright protects any completed graphic element whether registered or not. Even though you have the option to register, it’s always a good idea to, at least, keep detailed records of the work you’ve created. This way there is evidence that you are the original author and that can form a solid legal defense should you need it.

Copyright gives the original creator certain very valuable exclusive rights such as the right to reproduce the work, publish the work, make adaptations and communicate the work to the public. Legal protection of a copyrighted works lasts for the life of the creator, plus 70 years.

Trademarks. Trademarks cover a broad range of design elements, including logos and product shape and design, and even sounds. These are brand marks that give a particular product or service a distinct identity or help consumers distinguish between various products or services. Where copyright ownership arises from authorship or original creation, trademark ownership arises from use in the marketplace. With trademarks, it’s not the so much originality that’s protected, it’s the distinct identity of the brand.

As with copyrights, it’s not required to register a trademark, but registration does grant the best and most complete protection. Registration, however does require a trademarks clearance search to ensure that you are not attempting to register a mark that is already in use or that would likely confuse consumers due to it’s similarity to another company’s mark. Again, the protection here stems from how the mark operates as an identifier of goods or services, so the likelihood of consumer confusion, or lack thereof, is extremely important.

To provide notice about the legal standing of a mark, registered marks use the circle R symbol, ®, and unregistered marks use the ™ symbol.


Also below are two Australian links one is IP Australia a government website and the Australian Copyright Council



Understanding File Formats

Understanding File Formats

Have you ever had someone ask you for your logo file and totally confused about which file to give them? Attached is a document which I hope will help you understand these a little better, and help you make the right choice when supplying your Logo and Branding material to printers, marketing firms etc.

To download the file please click the link >> EMEPIC Understanding Logo File Formats

Business Cards




To download the file please click the link below –

EMEPIC Understanding Logo File Formats