Photography Tips

In the last few weeks I have a few clients come to me wanting help with product photography. So here is a few good hints and tips to general photography and product photography! I've seen quite a few businesses that invest in great branding for their business which is...

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Key points to a great logo

If your familiar with Emepic Graphic Design then you know I am very passionate about logo design and business branding, it's an essential part to give you that head start to stand out of the crowd. Maintaining this professional image through easy to recognise branding...

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Copyright Information and Facts

One question I have always had a lot of clients ask me about is Copyright, whether you should register your work or not and basically where you stand and what your rights to the artwork, writing, creation or photos etc. As recently as last week I had a client come to...

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Understanding File Formats

Have you ever had someone ask you for your logo file and totally confused about which file to give them? Attached is a document which I hope will help you understand these a little better, and help you make the right choice when supplying your Logo and Branding...

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