Over the weekend two families became one, cultures united and I had the pleasure to witness a union of love. While having the honour of being photographer for Adam and Emma’s special day!

Emma is also a friend of mine so it was that much more special to see her marry her soul mate.

Unfortunately the weather didn’t hold out and we got the big rain storm all over south east Queensland but luckily enough it surely didn’t ruin their day it was as beautiful as ever!

EMEPIC RobinsonGR-8

EMEPIC RobinsonGR-24

EMEPIC RobinsonGR-70

How beautiful is this traditional Russian wedding egg, ring holder.

EMEPIC RobinsonGR-77

EMEPIC RobinsonGR-113

EMEPIC RobinsonGR-120


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EMEPIC RobinsonC-17

Last minute talks and encouragement!

EMEPIC RobinsonGR-150

EMEPIC RobinsonPost-9bw

We were able to go to Stamford Plaza Brisbane for some photos, and got a couple of breaks between showers to get some great shots in their courtyard.

EMEPIC RobinsonPost-15

EMEPIC RobinsonPost-20

EMEPIC RobinsonPost-29

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EMEPIC RobinsonR-39

Emma’s mother made this amazing traditional Russian wedding cake!

EMEPIC RobinsonR-140

EMEPIC RobinsonR-152

EMEPIC RobinsonR-158

EMEPIC RobinsonR-161

Thank you Emma and Adam for having me share your special day, I hope you have a fantastic honeymoon and future together! x