I talk a lot about brand embodiment and how to show up authentically online and in a space where you can be seen, heard and received in a whole new way.

While reflecting more upon the idea of ‘brand embodiment’ I realise that there are more aspects of myself that I need to embody. For along time I tried to compartmentalise certain aspects of myself because I felt they didn’t fit into my business so I created two businesses where it was hard to manage and hard to know what to focus on. After a year or two of trying to make it work, I started to realise that my clients where wanting the healing, the intuition and the activations while they were going through their branding journey so after a while it all blended into one and I now can show up full to serve in such a deeper way.

I love the new feel and vibe of my brand and I’m excited to start using it just like all my clients! There are some new buy NOW logos about to be put up on the page so keep an eye out for those they look amazing!


Check out the new pre-designed logos here, click image to see more…