Hi I’m Emma, I empower women through photography, graphic design and healing. I am a divine healer and life coach that can help you understand your underlying fears stopping you and holding you back in business and/or life. But let’s face it when your a women entrepreneur your business usually is your life and your life usually melts into the business, so really it’s the whole you that has the blocks we can mend! In a reading with me I will guide you through a grounding and expanding meditation to relax you and open your awareness to your higher self and soften your physical body.  After this I will read your Chakras your energetic body finding where the blocks lie in the energetic and psychical body, find the fears and help you release these as we work through them together.

After this I will channel in healing message for you and if any spirits are here and willing we can communicate with them as well. It’s all finished off with a card reading to leave you with something to integrate and think about.

This is all done via distance energy healing which means you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home!
All done over Zoom, Skype or phone. Whatever suits you best, this surprisingly has no effect on the healing that can take place in a session, opposed to common belief it actually doesn’t make any difference! 
For more information please fill out the form above or contact me at lightwork@emepic.com.au or call 0437 216 742.
The sessions go for about 45mins to an hour. 
Love and light, and don’t forget to let your light shine x

Chakras and their meaning..

Crown Chakra Also known as Sahasrara

This is your highest point, this is your seventh chakra which resides at the top of your head and expands upwards and can connect to your higher self and to the divine and oneness.

Some emotional issues we can carry in this part of the body are image issues inner and outer beauty. Resisting the general flow of life. Sexual fears or OVER THINKING issues. Refusing responsibility for self.

Does this resonate with you, are you experiencing blockages head over and message me I can send you more information and I might be able to help you cleanse and clear them with Optimal EFT (advanced distance healing).

Take a moment to breathe the colour and the shapes in and let go all of the emotions your holding onto.

Ajna aka Third-Eye Chakra
Between the eyebrows, forhead… close your eyes and use your index finger move it forward toward your forhead without touching you may be able to feel the presence of your third eye.

The third-eye chakra is the eye to the world inside of you, it also influences the sixth sense – the higher self and the soul. A connection with god or the DIVINE.

Emotionally, you can hold fears over control, self worth, self recognition. Its colour is deep indigo, and it’s mantra is Aum. Connect with this chakra to access your primordial, super-natural power and connection.

Throat Charka aka Vishuddhi
The throat chakra is the voice of the body, your mind and your spirt. Are you having trouble expressing your feelings and emotions to those around you? You may feel pressure or have a sore throat, these are just some of the physical symptoms we can get from not fully expressing our truth.
The throat chakra is a pressure valve that allows the energy from the other chakras to be expressed.

A good mantra for the throat chakra is ” I am aligned with highest truth and I communicate this with love and honour. My words eco softly within the universe.”

Anahata aka Heart Chakra
Your heart is the fourth primary chakra, it is perfectly situated in the middle of your body, balancing the world of matter (lower three chakras) with the world of spirit (upper three chakras). In Sanskrit, anahata means “unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten”.

Our heart chakra governs out ability to love and the ability to recieve love. The heart chakra includes your thymus gland and the emotional issues you could be feeling if this is affected would be feeling attacked by life, life is a burden, ability to self nourish the body.

Manipura aka Solar Plexus
The solar plexus affects the ability to be confident and feel in control of our lives. Are you having trouble with this a good mantra for this is “I love and accept myself”. Breathe into the colours and the shapes of this image and say those words over to yourself.

If you have a blockages in your solar plexus it may mean you have hidden fear blockages of lack of self worth and self esteem.

The solar plexus is situated in the upper abdomen just under the ribs and the stomach area. It also includes the central nervous system.

Svadhishthana aka Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is the divine feminine aspect of ourselves. It is located in the area just below our navel/belly button region. It affects and relates to the reproduction system on a physical level. It is your creativity power house, where you hold life’s abundant gifts. It holds the joy and there lack of and were we keep our relationships on an emotional level.

If you were to have blockages here you would feel worthlessness and even deep anger. Not feeling good enough, not beautiful enough (body image). To help support issues in the sacral chakra you can wear the colour orange and also .

Affirmation: “I am a centred radiant being, I easily connect to my creativity and manifest my dreams. I am beautiful and worth the love the universe has to offer me”

Muladhara aka Base/Root Chakra

The base chakra is the first and is located at the base of our spine right at the tailbone and radiates out to our feet and hands. It corresponds to the colour red. This chakra relates to our basic human instinct for survival, our connection to mother earth.

Problems or blockages in this area relate to issues to do with security, stability and feeling unsafe. Again to support this grounding techniques are a great method, grounding meditations and wearing red.

Affirmation: “I am grounded, centred and purified, mother earth supports me with her loving hands.” 

To read more wonderful information about your chakra energetic system please see



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