Hi I’m Emma the intutive creative soul behind Emepic Graphic Design and Photography, I love enhancing and empowering women when they’re just about to start a business I help them develop a brand and logo they can be proud of that truely represents them as the person they are and the business they make. Read More >>


Branding + Graphic Design

Helping businesses develop a brand and logo they can be proud of that truely represents them as the person they are and the business they make.

Web Design

I can create you a sales page with WOW factor. WordPress Divi Theme very user friendly and help on how to maintain and care for your website.


Soul Capturing Photography Session 2 Hours of deep soul discovery and a self love journey. I specialise in working with intuitive entrepreneurial women just like you who need help expressing their true authentic self through their photos and business branding.

I work with entrepreneurial women to help them achieve a brand that truly reflects them and the business they make by using a visual brand and website that intuitively expresses who they are! Embrace yourself and your brand!

Are you wishing for your ideal clients to find you?

Having a brand that truly expresses who you are and the service you provide is the key starting point!

Here’s how an intuitive brand can change the way you present yourself online. Having a brand that is clean, clear, consistent, and clearly an inner reflection of you and the business you make, will make sure you set yourself out to be seen heard and witnessed by your potential clients.

Having a clear brand that you can build from and know exactly how to create graphics that talk your talk, will save you time and allow you to create that lifestyle of a balanced work / life balance.

Tori Crewes

This is Tori, a few months ago I got the opportunity to capture Tori's beautiful essence at the Northern Beaches of Sydney. It took a little while for Tori to open up and relax in front of my camera, even though she is a pro in front of the Video camera she was self...

Capturing a fellow sister

This is a photography session I captured back in September, I really strive to capture my clients in their soulful essence and I feel this was just how it was for Mitlé Southey thank you for letting me capture you in your inner light and essence. These photos were taken on Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast. \\

Moments that mean the world.

It's in the Centre of Victorian Countryside with it's frosty mornings and clean crisp air that's a far stretch from the Sunshine Coast weather that I am used to. However the saying goes home is where the heart is. You see I have my little family here in the Sunshine...

Hand drawn beauties!!

Because lately I have been enjoying the process of all these divine logo designs, branding and development of many businesses. I want to give a little back and share some things with you. The last few weeks have been crazy busy with gorgeous photoshoots of glorious...

Why I’m a photographer..

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I’d love to connect with you either over phone, online or in person!

Let’s create you a great brand you can be proud of!