Synergy and Co-creation

Hi I’m Emma the intuitive creative soul, behind Emepic Graphic Design and Photography, I love enhancing and empowering women like you to JUMP to the next level in your business! I’ve been in business for the last 9 and a half years and I’m so passionate about people seeing, feeling and showing their true potential through their business brand! I help you develop your spiritual awareness, your connection, your confidence, and we come together to co-create a business, a brand and a logo you can be proud of that truely represents you as the person you are.

Higher Dimensional Business Coaching

Integrate and anchor your higher-dimensional self to your business!

Beautiful branding, soulful essence photography, marketing, energy assimilation grounding your light body, clearing your business blocks and up-leveling your entrepreneurial game!

My Mission

I specialise in working with entrepreneurial women in business to help them feel empowered from soul level higher dimensions to your Business through Branding Essence and Marketing strategies. It’s business coaching the new way! I’m very passionate about working with like minded women and helping them view themselves in a new light and transforming their inner light as well as their personal brand.

I have a unique background of graphic design and photography but the added skills of intuitive arts and energy healing/activations.

I work with ladies like you to really help you unlock the blocks you face personally, spiritually and through your business.

Features and all that we co-create

This process of working together for 6 months is about a blending of energies where I can help you create a brand that has only been in in your field as a whisper of feelings, sensations and dreams. It is working with your higher-self your future-self to ensure we are on the path, on the connection and we can ground it in and anchor it to your light body but ground it to your 3D reality.

Bespoke Business Coaching

Soul Activation Business Coaching that is tailor made to exactly what you need and where you are at with your business. Websites, Branding, Graphic Design, Photography and Energy Integrations. Your business is a reflection of you, so we make sure you are energetically in alignment and then your business will flow as you tap into your soul passion.

Soulful Essence Photography

My photography sessions are a sacred energetic container where I capture an in depth expression of you so you can show your clients who you really are allowing your inner light to shine through the camera like never before.The session go for about 2 hours where we ground and heal the wounds around being seen.

Soul Business Activation

Activating, aligning and anchoring into your higher self so you can feel the upgrades, so you can build confidence, so you can be accountable, so you can stand strong in your own light. Energy integration and clearing of blocks. Fortnightly calls to keep you accountable, on task, clear, and consistent!

Website of your dreams

Upgrade your message. A website that’s a true reflection of you, your business and the business you make, encoded with energetic resonance of your soul. A fully adaptable WordPress website that grows with you. As we use the Divi builder it’s easy to use and fun to update designs and maintain as we go.

Soul Branding

Business branding embodiment, a brand that is a true reflection of who you are, what you stand for and the business you make!Intuitive graphic design, branding and websites for women in business.  I help you embrace yourself and be seen for the YOU, you really are energetically clearing away blocks from your fears of being SEEN.

Social Media

Social Media branding base setup in Canva, updates, scheduling for 6 months, emails, ads and more. This is entrepreneurial branding with an intuitive insight into what makes you tick and your soul clients show up! The key for social media that actually works is to keep your message clear, your branding on point and to remind your clients who you are.

Case Studies

Synergy, Innovation and Co-creation - Photography, Branding, Websites that have been birthed and healed by the way they see themselves and present themselves. All unique in their own right.

The magic, goods and all you receive!

6 months worth of soulfully integrated graphic design, website development, photography and social media marketing. Fortnightly calls with energetic upgrades, re-alignment and centring.

Intuitive Graphic Design

  • Over $1000 PER MONTH worth of
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media
  • Anything from Facebook ads, E-Books, right down to Course creation slides and layout
  • Website Updates, learning how to use your website classes
  • You name it, concept, design and creation

The Photography Session

  • Sacred energetic healing
  • In-depth expression of who you are
  • Learning how to pose for the camera
  • 2 hours capturing and getting you comfortable
  • Also keen to come to you, extra charges apply for travel
  • Sessions on the Sunshine Coast, Australia
  • 60 high res images from session gallery of 180 > images

Soul Fire Activation

  • 12 Fortnightly 60-90 mins calls over 6 months
  • Activating, aligning and anchoring into your higher self
  • Upgrades to higher light consciousness, divine matrix grid and quantum field
  • Build confidence & stay on track
  • Business strategy
  • Energy integration and clearing of blocks / fears
  • Learn how to master your brand
  • Break-through being truly ‘seen’ in your business


  • WordPress Website
  • Intuitive and Responsive Design
  • If you have a website already we re-vamp it and re-fine your message
  • Infuse it with your soul codes and deep energetic resonance
  • Divi Theme and Builder, super user friendly and adaptable as it can grow with your business

Soul Branding

  • Everything from the Synergy Biz Launcher Branding Package
  • Logo
  • Branding Base
  • 1000 Business Cards Printed
  • Email Signature
  • Facebook Design
  • Instagram concepts and overhaul

Social Media

  • Social Media branding base setup in Canva
  • Social media updates
  • Scheduling for 6 months
  • Emails, Ad Design and more

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Let's see if we're a good fit!

Book in for your 30min chat where we can get to know each other and where I can give you a business brand assessment and a little teaser as to what a business activation is.

Synergy Co-creation the branding process…

I talk a lot about brand embodiment and how to show up authentically online and in a space where you can be seen, heard and received in a whole new way. While reflecting more upon the idea of 'brand embodiment' I realise that there are more aspects of...

Branding and Logo Questionnaire

Back when I started my business in 2010 I was young, I didn't really have a plan and I went out trying to be the business that could serve all people, all businesses and all companies for all niches, sub niches and whatever else I could fit in there. I did...

Creativity Flow Activation

Ladies as a part of my soul mission to work with entrepreneurial women in business to help them feel empowered from soul level higher dimensional self to grounding and anchoring in your Branding Essence, graphic design, intuitive healing and Marketing...

Emily Spurling

A few months back before Christmas we did a soulful essence photography session for local Sunshine Coast Yoga Expert Emily Spurling, she is a game changer in her industry having a long list of skills under her belt. She runs world wide retreats and...

Tori Crewes

This is Tori, a few months ago I got the opportunity to capture Tori's beautiful essence at the Northern Beaches of Sydney. It took a little while for Tori to open up and relax in front of my camera, even though she is a pro in front of the Video camera she was self...

JPG or PNG… File formats and their uses!

In a day as a graphic designer and photographer, I work with many different file types from JPGs to Illustrator files. Because I spend most of my days engrossed in a world of graphics, drawings, photos and different applications, I often forget that all of these...

Capturing a fellow sister

This is a photography session I captured back in September, I really strive to capture my clients in their soulful essence and I feel this was just how it was for Mitlé Southey thank you for letting me capture you in your inner light and essence. These photos were taken on Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast. \\

Moments that mean the world.

It's in the Centre of Victorian Countryside with it's frosty mornings and clean crisp air that's a far stretch from the Sunshine Coast weather that I am used to. However the saying goes home is where the heart is. You see I have my little family here in the Sunshine...


Whats the difference between my logo and my brand? Why is my new logo not doing much for me? Everyone knows what a logo is. It’s that shape companies use to represent their company; like the McDonald’s golden arches (M), the Nike tick or Coca-Cola words. But what’s...

Hand drawn beauties!!

Because lately I have been enjoying the process of all these divine logo designs, branding and development of many businesses. I want to give a little back and share some things with you. The last few weeks have been crazy busy with gorgeous photoshoots of glorious...

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