Available for freelance corporate photography and events

13 years in business for photography and over that time I have photographed many different things but through all that I have managed to maintain and grow one thing, I’ve refined my craft by capturing your authentic self through the lens. 

These photography sessions hold the space for you to be yourself, relax and have fun for the first time in front of a camera. 
I give directions of how to stand and pose in front of the camera but I get you to be yourself to express to dance to sing to play! It’s all about fun and capturing that essence within you that truly wants to shine. When we capture these moments it really speaks to your potential client and shows them your inner light allowing them to trust know and want to connect with you. Bringing you those aligned clients you’ve been waiting and hoping for.
You receive a gallery of 120 images.

Alquimia, Corporate Photography Brisbane, Brisbane Eats, Brisbane, Brisbane Photography
Alquimia, Corporate Photography Brisbane, Brisbane Eats, Brisbane, Brisbane Photography

“Emma is an intuitive creative genius, she captured the magic, the vibe and joy within me on this journey of sacred service at our photoshoot

Emma has a phenomenal gift of capturing the magic of nature, this was a moment of Divine natural light.”

Barbara Branagan

“Launching a website into the world of social media was something I was dreading and found overwhelming. Had it not been for Emma, and her ability to capture the heart ❣ of who I am and what the work I offer represents I would never have stepped out of my comfort zone. I am so grateful for the amazing work she has done for me. She truly does amazing work and it resonates so beautifully with me. I cannot recommend Emma more.”

Fiona White

White Light Energetics

“Emma is an absolute joy to work with – she is now part of my team – for photos, website, logo and all things design. She takes time to really tune in and understand me and my business and create from a beautifully expanded place so that all that she creates really embodies my work. If you are looking for a designer and / or photographer who is creative, intuitive, insightful and down right gorgeous to work with then Emma is your woman.”

Anna Carson

“Thank you Emma for the beautiful logo and business card design as well as the wonderful photoshoot. Your attention to detail with everything has been amazing and it’s been such a pleasure working with you.

You are incredibly talented in many areas and I feel so lucky I found you to help me in get professionally set up my new business.

I would highly recommend your services to anyone.”

Rose Cox

“Big shout out to this lady! Little did we know when Emma was taking photos of Alquimia did we realise her creativeness. She photographed our bar beautifully. Would highly recommend if you know anyone needing a photographer.”

Julie Thompson

“Emma, you made me feel like a goddess, you understood my insecurities and quirks. you gave insanely good direction and your composition is simply stunning. Thank you. xx”

Tori Crewes

Product and digital content photography

Sunshine Coast-based product photography and digital content creations, capturing the essence of your brand and bringing it to life through photos and designs that captivate your style and elevate your brand. 

Whether you need eye-catching product images for your e-commerce store, captivating lifestyle shots for your social media campaigns, or engaging content for your website, we’ve got you covered. Captivating imagery that speaks volumes about your brand’s unique story.

Brain Cancer Charity Support

Over the last 5 years I have been specifically helping organise and brand the Childhood Brain Cancer Organisation ‘Bella the Brave’. I have also been involved in helping with photography and design for events for the Charlie Teo Foundation in Sydney.