Sunshine Coast



Like most photographers I’m a creative soul that loves to chase the sun ☀️ for great photo opportunities memories that last a lifetime! I’ve been doing photography for over 10 years now. 

I’m Emma an intuitive graphic designer and photographer who specialises in working with entrepreneurial women! I help them embrace their inner beauty and bring acceptance to themselves self love starts from within.

I take them on a journey where we can embrace each other be ourselves and have fun! There’s nothing more I like to do than connect with like minded women and helping them heal.

Connecting to my clients like this I can create an expression of their true inner essence and help them express their soul and uniqueness through their photos and business branding. A true expression and making a connection with that client before we you even talk to them.

I see you, I know you, I honour you.



Tori Crewes

This is Tori, a few months ago I got the opportunity to capture Tori's beautiful essence at the Northern Beaches of Sydney. It took a little while for Tori to open up and relax in front of my camera, even though she is a pro in front of the Video camera she was self...

Capturing a fellow sister

This is a photography session I captured back in September, I really strive to capture my clients in their soulful essence and I feel this was just how it was for Mitlé Southey thank you for letting me capture you in your inner light and essence. These photos were taken on Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast. \\

Moments that mean the world.

It's in the Centre of Victorian Countryside with it's frosty mornings and clean crisp air that's a far stretch from the Sunshine Coast weather that I am used to. However the saying goes home is where the heart is. You see I have my little family here in the Sunshine...

Hand drawn beauties!!

Because lately I have been enjoying the process of all these divine logo designs, branding and development of many businesses. I want to give a little back and share some things with you. The last few weeks have been crazy busy with gorgeous photoshoots of glorious...

Before You Book A Wedding Photographer.. here are the things you need to know!

7 Steps You Should Take To Ensure Your Photographer Is The Best! STEP 1  Settle on a Style  Before you begin searching for a photographer, you'll need to first decide what type of photography style you prefer. Finding out what is your preferred style is such an...

Perfect Weather for a Perfect Day!

On the 23rd July, I went up to Agnes Water, QLD. It was a day of oozing love and blissful harmony with two souls making a commitment to each other, it really makes my job flow so much easier when the couples are really committed and in-love like these two! Back in...

Rain, wind and a wedding!

Over the weekend two families became one, cultures united and I had the pleasure to witness a union of love. While having the honour of being photographer for Adam and Emma's special day! Emma is also a friend of mine so it was that much more special to see her marry...

Surprise Wedding Brisbane!

So here's the story of Corey and Alison, they met out one night not realising they actually grew up in the same town. It was love at first sight and then came their two beautiful daughters and then they surprised their family with a Wedding that was actually meant to...

Bubba Blue

Here is a photography post for my beautiful long time friend Megan and her gorgeous little family. Megan and I first met in grade 3 at primary school, and it was almost 'love' at first sight not long after we did so much together from climbing trees to running amok at...

Brett and Carlee

Carlee and Brett are a lovely local Gladstone couple who are kept very busy by running their local business Newman Fitness Systems They are getting married this July in Agnes Water at the Agnes Water Caravan Park...



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