Soulful Essence Photography Session

My photography sessions are a sacred energetic container where I capture an in depth expression of you so you can show your clients who you really are allowing your inner light to shine through the camera like never before. The session go for about 2 hours where we ground and heal the wounds around being seen. I specialise in working with intuitive entrepreneurial women just like you who need help expressing their true authentic self through their photos and business branding. These photography sessions hold the space for you to be yourself, relax and have fun for the first time in front of a camera. To get to know me and I get to know you as we express ourselves and most importantly have fun with each other.

I give directions of how to stand and pose in front of the camera but I get you to be yourself to express to dance to sing to play! It’s all about fun and capturing that essence within you that truly wants to shine. When we capture these moments it really speaks to your potential client and shows them your inner light allowing them to trust know and want to connect with you. Bringing you those aligned clients you’ve been waiting and hoping for.

You receive a gallery of 150-200 images – 40 images to keep! More details below.

Helping you be seen!

I love enhancing and empowering women when they’re just about to start a business I help them develop a brand and logo they can be proud of that truely represents them as the person they are and the business they create.

“Had the most amazing photo shoot with Emma this week. Even though the weather didn’t look that favourable we still went ahead and she worked her absolute magic 🌟We had so much fun and she directed me and composed the photos with such love and dedication 💜Can’t wait to work with you more 😘” – Anna


Soulful Connection

Connecting to my clients on a soul level I can create an expression of their true inner essence and help them express their soul and uniqueness through their photos and business branding.

10 Years in Business

I’m a creative soul that loves to chase the sun ☀️ for great photo opportunities memories that last a lifetime! I’ve been doing photography for over 10 years now.

“Hands down the best photographer ever. She sent me an image for an awards submission even before any proofs are ready too… and sneaky peak – check it out! Emma, you made me feel like a goddess, you understood my insecurities and quirks. you gave insanely good direction and your composition is simply stunning. Thank you. xx” – Tori

Soulful Essence

I take women on a journey where they can embrace themselves and have fun! There’s nothing more that fills me with joy than connect with like minded women and helping them heal and love themselves.