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I’m Emma, an intuitive graphic designer and photographer who specialises in working with entrepreneurial women! I help them embrace their inner beauty and bring acceptance to themselves self love starts from within.  I take them on a journey where we can embrace each other be ourselves and have fun! There’s nothing more I like to do than connect with like minded women and helping them heal. Connecting to my clients like this I can create an expression of their true inner essence and help them express their soul and uniqueness through their photos and business branding. A brand that’s a true expression of ourselves can make a connection with your soul clients before you even talk to them. 

Branding + Graphic Design

Helping businesses develop a brand and logo they can be proud of that truely represents them as the person they are and the business they make.

Web Design

I can create you a sales page with WOW factor. WordPress Divi Theme very user friendly and help on how to maintain and care for your website.


Soul Capturing Photography Session 2 Hours of deep soul discovery and a self love journey. I specialise in working with intuitive entrepreneurial women just like you who need help expressing their true authentic self through their photos and business branding.



Innovators, soulful entrepreneurs, spirit junkies, energy healers, gods/goddesses, lovers, leaders and game changers we would love to work with you!

This is entrepreneurial branding with an intuitive insight into what makes you tick and your soul clients show up!

We love enhancing and empowering women and men when they’re just about to start a business or ready to re-brand. We help them develop a brand style they can be proud of that truely expresses them as the person they are and the business they create.


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Thankyou Emma for capturing my soul essence so beautifully and transferring this to my website. You have such a gift for this! I’m looking forward to hiring you as my photographer next!


Heidi Hosking

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