About Me..

Hi, I’m Emma a Sunshine Coast based graphic designer & photographer. Are you looking for a unique brand to keep your business in the public eye?

I’m a creative soul, with innovative design ideas to drive your next business project to the next level. BOOK NOW

I get my kicks from creating new and re-vamping existing brands. There’s nothing better than delivering you a Logo, a Photograph or a Brand you can be proud of.

I love enhancing and empowering people when they’re just about to start a business helping them develop a brand and logo they can be proud that represents them and the business they make. Click here to see more samples of graphic work http://bit.ly/2kfdesign

With more than 10 years experience in design and photography, I can create a distinctive logo to give your business the edge or capture that photography that triggers a memory you can keep for a lifetime. Based in Sunshine Coast but also servicing the Greater Brisbane Region and Sunshine Coast also offering wedding photography to Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and also Bendigo Victoria.

Whether you’re after a logo, business cards and stationery, signage or a full marketing profile with staff photos and a rejuvenated brand image, I can tailor designs to suit your needs.

I understand that first impressions are vital to business success and a polished, consistent brand can push your business to the fore.

My mission is to provide the most creative, unique and innovative designs to suit each client or project, using photography and graphic design, at a price to suit your budget.

Based in Brisbane, I can deliver a friendly but professional service wherever you and your business are located.


 A bit more about me…

I’m a lover of all things NIKON, crystals, spiritual talk, the colour orange, autumn days, stationery, the smell of paper goods, and fresh sheets. I am ambidextrous but only when it comes to eating with a knife and fork.

I started with a hands-on traineeship at a graphic design and printing business in Gladstone, Queensland in 2005.

Over the years I have worked under tight deadlines through printing companies, a newspaper for APN and an independent magazine The Gladstone News and am adept at producing quality work within set time frames. Now living on the Sunshine Coast I work for a Brisbane Handbag company LOUENHIDE producing their marketing emails, social media posts and seasonal catalogues.

I started my own business, Emepic, in 2010 and have developed my passion for design and photography to deliver a professional brand package for your business.

Call or email me and let’s get your business moving. Email emma@emepic.com.au or phone 0437 216 742.





Capturing a fellow sister

This is a photography session I captured back in September, I really strive to capture my clients in their soulful essence and I feel this was just how it was for Mitlé Southey thank you for letting me capture you in your inner light and essence. These photos were taken on Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast. \\

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Moments that mean the world.

It’s in the Centre of Victorian Countryside with it’s frosty mornings and clean crisp air that’s a far stretch from the Sunshine Coast weather that I am used to. However the saying goes home is where the heart is. You see I have my little family...
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Whats the difference between my logo and my brand? Why is my new logo not doing much for me? Everyone knows what a logo is. It’s that shape companies use to represent their company; like the McDonald’s golden arches (M), the Nike tick or Coca-Cola words. But...
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Hand drawn beauties!!

Because lately I have been enjoying the process of all these divine logo designs, branding and development of many businesses. I want to give a little back and share some things with you. The last few weeks have been crazy busy with gorgeous photoshoots of...
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Before You Book A Wedding Photographer.. here are the things you need to know!

7 Steps You Should Take To Ensure Your Photographer Is The Best! STEP 1  Settle on a Style  Before you begin searching for a photographer, you’ll need to first decide what type of photography style you prefer. Finding out what is your preferred style is such...
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Photography Tips

In the last few weeks I have a few clients come to me wanting help with product photography. So here is a few good hints and tips to general photography and product photography! I’ve seen quite a few businesses that invest in great branding for their...
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Perfect Weather for a Perfect Day!

On the 23rd July, I went up to Agnes Water, QLD. It was a day of oozing love and blissful harmony with two souls making a commitment to each other, it really makes my job flow so much easier when the couples are really committed and in-love like these two! Back...
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Rain, wind and a wedding!

Over the weekend two families became one, cultures united and I had the pleasure to witness a union of love. While having the honour of being photographer for Adam and Emma’s special day! Emma is also a friend of mine so it was that much more special to see...
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Why I’m a photographer..

Brisbane Photography, Brisbane Night Photography, Brisbane Events, Brisbane Portrait Photography, Brisbane Photographer, Brisbane Family Photography, Brisbane Wedding Photographer, Brisbane Graphic Designer

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Surprise Wedding Brisbane!

So here’s the story of Corey and Alison, they met out one night not realising they actually grew up in the same town. It was love at first sight and then came their two beautiful daughters and then they surprised their family with a Wedding that was...
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We service clients all over Australia and even a couple around the world. For graphic work or spiritual healing it really doesn’t matter where in the world you are I can offer the service with a in person feel.  

We offer photography on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Wedding Photography in Central Victoria.