Hi, I’m Emma!

Sunshine Coast based graphic designer & photographer.

Are you looking for a unique brand to keep your business in the public eye?

I’m a creative soul, with innovative design ideas to drive your next business project to the next level. 

I get my kicks from creating new and re-vamping existing brands. There’s nothing better than delivering you a Logo, a Photograph or a Brand you can be proud of.

I’m super passionate about businesses and brands being an authentic representation of your soulful essence. Working with me is more than just your average design or photography session. It’s a whole experience where we get to know each other, I dive deep with you to uncover your desires, dreams and your target market. We find out what brings you joy, so we can bring that out in your photos, your designs and your website! 

I love enhancing and empowering women and men with their business branding. Whether you’re in startup or a few years down the road and need a boost to up level I can help you develop a brand and logo you can be proud that represents you and the business you make.

Click here to see more samples of graphic work http://bit.ly/2kfdesign

With more than 10 years experience in design and photography, I can create a distinctive logo to give your business the edge or capture that photo that gives your brand a personal touch and pulls your clients to you! Based in Sunshine Coast but also servicing interstate and abroad over the last two years I have travelled most of the eastern side of Australia capturing beautiful holistic therapists, healers and entrepreneurs.  Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Bendigo Victoria.

Whether you’re after a logo, business cards and stationery, signage, a WordPress website or a full marketing profile with staff photos and a rejuvenated brand image, I can tailor designs to suit your needs.

I understand that first impressions are vital to business success and a polished, consistent brand can push your business to the fore.

My mission is to provide the most creative, unique and innovative designs to suit each client or project, using photography and graphic design to capture your audience in a way they can’t argue with! 

Based on the Sunshine Coast, I can deliver an intimate, professional and quality service wherever you and your business are located.

Quirks about me…

I’m a lover of all things magic, spiritual talk, the universe, autumn days, stationery, the smell of paper goods, and ohh M G fresh sheets are the best who is with me?

Oh yes and I am ambidextrous but only when it comes to eating with a knife and fork.

My love of graphic design all started when I was 15 visiting my Aunt who is also a graphic designer, we walked into her office in Melbourne and I couldn’t look back!

I started Emepic, in 2010 and have developed, grown and niched my passion and business to serve clients highly aligned with me and my values. I can’t wait to produce you a design or brand that will transform the way you do business! Let’s grab a coffee or a juice today and talk about how we can customise your business and your mindset!  

Email emma@emepic.com.au or phone 0437 216 742.






We service clients all over Australia and the world. For graphic work or spiritual healing it really doesn’t matter where in the world you are I can offer the service with a in person feel.  

We offer photography on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Australia and around the world.