Unity Healing and Sovereign Land Clearing

Energy healing, that meets you where you need

We often get caught up in the need to have more and focus on the lack, it is of course no fault of our own as it comes from years of conditioning from our parents, peers and teachers. And even deeper than that our ancestral lines. These are the things that my work helps to clear!
To pin point exactly what a session includes comes down to the individual client and their needs. My name is Emma, I’m a creative soul with 20 years experience in graphic design and photography and 10 years experience with energy healing. I started practicing and learning Yoga, Meditation, breathwork, suppressed trauma work and Reiki, became a Reiki Master in 2017 and since then have been activated and learnt the heart of my own abilities over this time. My intuitive healing energy sessions are interwoven grids that anchor soul light to balance and regain focus and clarity in unity consciousness, this activates your solidarity in your own sovereignty. 
I’m locally located in Maroochydore these energy sessions are also available mobile on the Sunshine Coast, Noosa to Maleny.  


Experience a new found freedom.

Unity Healing

Hands on mobile healing on the Sunshine Coast. Bring balance and regain focus and clarity within the body.

Soul Branding

Two decades in graphic design and photography – Harness the soul of your business stand in your authenticity.

Sovereign Land Clearing

Land reformations through grid energy. Ancestor connections and clear pathways to new found peace on the land.


Graphic Design and Freelance

With an abundance of industry experience of over two decades, I’ve refined my craft of creative interpretation through forms of visual communication. What I have learnt is it’s not just about design, but about authenticity and connecting to the soul of your business. I collaborate with entrepreneurs and businesses, assisting them in creating memorable branding and functional websites that leave a lasting impression. My ultimate goal is to attract and convert their ideal customers and clients. I bring valuable interpersonal experience to every project. I’m always up for a chat, so reach out if you’re interested in collaborating.

Mobile Sessions



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