Sunshine Coast Brand Photography Tips


Relax. It’s all going to be ok! You’ve booked your time with me so allow me to take over and lead you along the way. Don’t over think it, don’t stress about it, just trust that I have your best interest at heart! 

Try to imagine this space we go into as a space where it’s just you and I hanging out for the afternoon. 


So much of a good shot is the clothing. Not just because it looks good on you, but if your outfit makes you feel good, then that’s going to come out on camera! 

The more comfortable you are, the more naturally flattering your outfit, the better you’ll feel, and the more confidence you’ll exude! 

On a more practical level, the more your outfits compliment the background you’re going to be shot against, the better. If you’re going to be shooting in a green field, choose an outfit that will stand out against the green, but that won’t overpower it. Also think about how those colours compliment your branding and designs if these photos will be used on a website. 


Please find some inspirational shots you’ve seen that you would love to recreate in your own style. 

Whenever I’m working with someone for the first time, I like to put together a secret board of image ideas that capture the look they wish to create! I don’t necessarily try and recreate them, but just take those ideas and we can create our own style that suits you. 

STEP 4: Posing Tips 

Follow my lead on the day but if you’d like to practice here is a great YouTube video you can watch on posing. 

STEP 4: Makeup and Hair 

If you’re getting your hair and makeup professionally done for your shoot, it’s worth doing a test run of both. Make sure both come out how you want; this way, you’re not worried about how your hair or face will look on the day of your photoshoot.  If you are considering getting professional makeup for your photoshoot please make sure the finish will be something that is natural looking and makes you feel confident. The last thing you want is to get your photos back and realise the makeup wasn’t you and doesn’t look like you.

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